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The landscape:
In the Eastern Ligurian Riviera sky, sea and mountains merge in a landscape without equals.
This part of the Riviera is full of breathtaking and always different sights.
Between Genoa and La Spezia you will find an unbroken series of cliffs dropping into the sea, rocks, small beaches, bays and tiny ports as well as thousands
of things to do on holiday if you love nature, peace and loneliness, but also if you want to practise water sports, swimming, fishing or sailing.
Deiva Marina is a seaside resort on the Eastern Ligurian Riviera.
The town lies between the parks of the Cinque Terre and of Portofino - renowned worldwide
and is famous for its clean sea and its wide beach, one of the best in the surroundings.

A clean sea:
Deiva Marina was awarded many times in the past with the European Blue Flag recognition for the quality of its seawater.
The water in Deiva Marina is really clean and free from every type of bacteria thanks to the good functioning of its facilities
and to its position - open to the currents -, which avoids the typical stagnation you would find in gulfs or narrow inlets.
The water depth is quite high even few meters from the shore.
Next to the beach the sea floor slopes down - bathing is nonetheless absolutely not dangerous.

A wide beach:
Even if the beach has not the characteristics you can find in Versilia and on the Adriatic coast, characterized by
endless beaches without interruption, Deiva Marina has a deep sandy beach, which is over 800 m long.
The cliffs at its endings enclose the beach making it possible to practise sport fishing and diving.
The beach sand is fine enough to lie down without getting dusty.
Next to the shoreline, the sand turns into tiny pebbles, which prevent the water from getting turbid
with the movements of the waves or of the tourists walking around.

Bathing establishments:
Five bathing establishments offer excellent services to the tourists looking for a relaxing, comfortable and quiet holiday with sun and sea.
All the establishments offer changing booths, beach umbrellas, lounge chairs, beds and bar service.
Bagni Lido and Bagni Stella are the closest to the hotel and have special price agreements with the Hotel Clelia Logis d'Italia.
The establishments Arcobaleno, Riviera and Corallo are located on the Eastern part of the beach.

Public beach:
You must not go to an establishment if you want to relax on the wonderful beach of Deiva Marina.
There are many stretches of public beach where you can use your own beach equipment without paying extra money.

At the beach in Deiva Marina you can swim, go fishing, practise scuba diving, snorkelling, wind surf, hire skates, canoes or small boats.
In the localities in Deiva Marina's surroundings you can go sailing, wale watching, surfing, fishing or scuba diving with instructors or assistants.

The shipwreck:
The sea in Deiva Marina has a surprise for diving experts: the wreck of the towboat Vittoria, built in 1935 and sunk during World War II.
The wreck lies 500 m from the coast at a depth ranging between 24 m and 40 m and is very well preserved.

The Hotel Clelia Logis d'Italia is located in Deiva Marina, only 100 m from the beach, and features
comfortable rooms as well as holiday apartments both close to the hotel and in the Cinque Terre.
Accommodation at the Hotel Clelia can be booked via telephone, fax, e-mail or using the online system on our website.