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Eastern Ligurian Riviera:
If you enjoy cycling, you will see that Liguria is a land of inexhaustible treasures: breathtaking landscapes, old paths, age-old villages, churches
and monuments for all those who love nature, art, history and culture! In Liguria it is also very easy to get around by bike or mountain bike.
It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional cyclist - Liguria has the right route for everyone!

Cycle tourism:
If you do not like to toil, and you would rather go on paved paths on a normal bike and preferably with few steep slopes,
in the Eastern Ligurian Riviera there are perfect routes for you.
There is a completely level path going from Riva Trigoso to Chiavari.
The route from Lerici to La Spezia and to Porto Venere has only a very short slope close to the end,
while along Golfo Paradiso - from Recco to Genoa - there are only small differences in level.
Starting in La Spezia you will get to Sarzana and Versilia on a practically level path.
From Rapallo, a route takes you to Santa Margherita with only one moderate slope next to San Michele di Pagana.
Following the same route, you can therefore get to Portofino without any difficulty.
While on a cycling tour in Liguria, it is also possible to take some trains.
Upon request, the hotel also organizes group tours with the hotel minibus or with private vehicles.

Cycle path Framura-Bonassola-Levanto:
This brilliant project is worth mentioning on its own.
The cycle path goes through old railway tunnels connecting on a level path Levanto and Framura.
Starting from Deiva Marina, you will need to cycle uphill until Castagnola, then take the level route running to Costa
and then cycle downhill until the railway station of Framura, where the cycle path starts.
The Hotel Clelia Logis in Deiva Marina also arranges a transport service to Castagnola for both bikes and guests.
In this way you will start the tour without making any efforts. From Levanto, you can get the train back to Deiva Marina.
With some trains you can also buy special tickets and take your bike with you.

Mountain bike:
If you are an amateur or a professional cyclist, you can reach the Cinque Terre, Portofino and many other places
scattered throughout the Eastern Ligurian Riviera by taking one of the numerous cycle paths.
A tour to the forts in Genoa is particularly interesting and unique for its breath-taking views.
If you would like to try this route, you will have to start from Righi, a locality situated above the city of Genoa.
The high path of the Ligurian mountains (Alta Via dei Monti Liguri) is a route
running along the Northern border of Liguria, connecting Ventimiglia to La Spezia.
The Hotel Clelia Logis d'Italia offers, upon reservation, a transport service to the route.

Freeride and downhill in Liguria:
If you love thrilling experiences and are an expert in this sport, there are some routes
near Deiva Marina or between the Cinque Terre and Portofino that you will love.
We can take you to the route with the hotel minibus.

Are you looking for an accommodation? Hotel Clelia Logis d'Italia features comfortable rooms and a suite
with free Wi-Fi connection and telephone, a swimming pool and car parking.
You can choose between B&B, half or full board arrangements.
We also have an a la carte restaurant serving delicious fish dishes or local specialities with mushrooms.
The rooms can be booked online on this website or via phone, Skype, e-mail or fax.