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Do you love ice cream?
Come try ours!

We might seem to be a little restless, but we love our job! At Hotel Clelia Logis d'Italia we are always striving
to improve which is why, despite the arduous task of running a hotel with a restaurant, we decided,
some twenty years ago, to start a homemade ice-cream production from scratch.
Our goal was to create a good product we could serve to our hotel and restaurant guests.
But this was not the end of it. This huge effort has most certainly been rewarding as we
have been able to serve so many people who continue to come back for our ice-cream to this day.
Our ice-cream is truly homemade and is prepared with pure chocolate, which is melted
in a pan with fresh milk, following tradition - nothing from a bag, and no shelf-stable milk!
FRUIT flavoured ice-cream with figs, plums and pears from OUR GARDEN when possible, and always with fresh fruit.
We aim to meet our mark that we set for ourselves some years ago with passion and consistent work:
"create a simple and genuine ice-cream without worrying about the price of the raw materials".
Nothing has changed since that moment, with the exception of our increase in expertise.
From Easter to the end of October, we prepare fresh ice-cream every day - only with the best ingredients.
Our ice-cream is available at the fridge counter in the veranda from noon to midnight.

Take away ice-cream containers for special prices, ice-cream bowls, cones, paper cups or wafers to enjoy in the veranda, on the terrace, or at home.
The ice-cream and bar service are open to everybody, even to guests of our competitors!