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A transparent, inexpensive and stress-free service.
Minibars have always been an expensive service for both hotel and guests.
Most of the times, guests do not even open the minibar in order to avoid bad surprises.

The minibar at the Hotel Clelia is the icing on the cake of a great holiday.
In the minibar you will find six different drinks in big bottles - about 70 cl (0.74 US quarts), which is enough
for two or more people: still and sparkling mineral water, beer, coke, white wine and prosecco sparkling wine.

Acqua Minerale Gasata (with gas) cl. 75 EURO 1,50
Acqua Minerale Naturale (no gas) cl. 75 EURO 1,50
Birra cl. 66 EURO 2,50
Coca Cola cl. 100 EURO 2,50
Vino Bianco cl. 75 EURO 4,00
Prosecco cl.75 EURO 7,00

How to use the minibar:
You can enjoy the same bottle from the minibar over more days and keep the open bottles in the minibar to enjoy fresh drinks all the time.
Waitresses will check the minibar every day, included the day of departure.
We highly recommend to our guests to close the minibar after every use and to report the hotel management any sign of malfunctioning.

In order to avoid misunderstandings:
Every time a bottle from the minibar is opened and kept in the fridge, the hotel staff will put another bottle in the minibar.
In this way there will always be six new bottles together with the opened ones.
Prices of the minibar drinks are very favourable. Drinks from the minibar cost less than
the drinks served at the bar, even if the drinks of the minibar are excellent products.
We can guarantee low prices because we purchase large packets.
In the minibar there is enough room for products purchased by the guests themselves.
Upon request, rooms can also be booked with an empty minibar.
Do not hesitate to contact the hotel management if you have any questions.